Curriculum Vitae

Thomas Blom Hansen,
Reliance-Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of Anthropology,
Chair of the Department of Anthropology,
Building 50, Main Quad,
450 Serra Mall, Stanford University, CA 94305. Phone: 650 725 3599


Dr. Phil. (Habilitation in the social sciences): September 1996, Roskilde University, Denmark,
MA. in Political Theory: December 1989, Department of Political Science, Aalborg University, Denmark
MA in International Studies, 1988, Center for International Studies, Aalborg University
BA in Sociology: June 1986, Department of Sociology, Aalborg University, Denmark


2017-18: Visiting professor at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
March 2014 – Present: Adjunct Professor at the Global South Asia Program, Cross-Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen.
August 2010 - Present: Professor of Anthropology and Reliance-Dhirubhai Ambani Chair in South Asian Studies, Stanford University
July 2006 – August 2010: Professor of Religion and Society, Department of Anthropology, University of Amsterdam
February 2008 – September 2008: Dean of the International School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Director of the Graduate School in Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam.
July 2004 - 2006: Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, Yale University and Chair of the South Asia Council, The Yale Center for International and Area Studies.
2003 – 2004: Professor of Political Anthropology, Department. of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh
2000 – 2003: Reader, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh
1997 – July 2000: Associate Professor of International Development Studies, Roskilde University
1994-97: Assistant Professor at International Development Studies, Roskilde University


2021-24. Luce Foundation grant “From Nation to Homeland. Religion, State and belonging in South Asia” with Angana Chatterji, Sharika Thiranagama and Ryan Perkins. $370,000
2017-18. UPS Endowment grant ($55,000) for the project “Vernacular urbanism. Social segregation and economic development in middle India”
2014-16. (with Sylvia Yanagisako and James Ferguson) of UPS Endowment grant ($50,000) for the project “Urban beyond Measure”.
2013. Melville J Herskovits Award in African Studies, honorable mention for Melancholia of Freedom. Social Life in an Indian township in South Africa, Princeton University Press, 2012.
2011. Recipient of five-year project grant from the European Science Foundation. Title: “The Criminalization of Politics in India.” Eleven different projects of varying duration in different parts of India carried out by anthropologists and historians in UK, Norway, US, Germany. Principal Investigator: Lucia Michelutti, Oxford University. September 2012 – September 2017
Personal project: ‘Crime, community and morality among Muslims in Mumbai and Aurangabad’. Shorter fieldworks in the summers of 2012 and 2014. Share of budget: $50,000
2009 (October). Awarded the Alexander von Humboldt Professorship, (3,5 million Euros), 2010-2015, dedicated to research based at the new Center for Modern Indian Studies, University of Goettingen, Germany. (declined in April 2010)
2006. Recipient of research grant from Ford Foundation for the international collaborative project “The Religious Lives of Immigrant Minorities’ ($ 900,000). Responsible for the research component in Johannesburg (budget $ 225,000)
2005. Grants from Kempf Fund, Yale University ($20.000) for conference on “Law and Life in South Asia”, and grant ($ 15.000) for the conference ‘Urban Charisma’, held at Yale University.
2000-2002. Two-year grant from the Social Science Research Council in Denmark. Project title: Culture, Citizenship and Democracy: South African Indians in the Making of the new South Africa. (Budget $130,000)
1996-2000. Recipient of grant from the Danish Council for Development Research, covering nine researchers for four years. Project title: Livelihood, Organisation and Identity in Situations of Instability. Total budget $850,000. Personal share app. $ 100,000, covering fieldwork in India and South Africa.
1989-1993 Doctoral research grant from Danish Council for Development Research. Project title: Hindu nationalism and the Dynamics of Indian Democracy (Budget $ 200,000)



2021. The Law of Force: The violent heart of Indian politics. Aleph Books. New Delhi. (Link)
2012. Melancholia of Freedom. Social Life in an Indian Township in South Africa. Princeton University Press. (Link)
South African edition by Witwatersrand University Press, Fall 2013. (Link)
2009. Cool Passions: the political theology of modern convictions. University of Amsterdam Press, April 2009 (PDF)
2001. Wages of Violence. Naming and Identity in Postcolonial Bombay. Princeton, Princeton University Press. (Link)
(Published simultaneously) by Permanent Black, New Delhi, under the title Urban Violence in India. Identity politics, Mumbai and the postcolonial city. 2001. (Link)
1999. The Saffron Wave: Democracy and Hindu Nationalism in Modern India, Princeton: Princeton University Press. (Link)
(Published simultaneously) in South Asia by Oxford University Press under the same title. The latter edition was included in the Omnibus volume Hindu Nationalism and Indian Politics, edited by Pratap Bhanu Mehta. Oxford University Press, 2004. (Link)

Edited Books:

(In Press) New Hindutva. The rise of democratic authoritarianism in India, (edited by Srirupa Roy and T.B. Hansen) Cambridge University Press.
2019. Majoritarian State. How Hindu nationalism is Changing India. Edited with Christophe Jaffrelot and Angana Chatterji. London: Hurst and Co. (Link)
2005. Sovereign Bodies. Citizens, Migrants and States in the Postcolonial World. (Edited with Finn Stepputat) Princeton University Press. (Link)
2001. States of Imagination. Ethnographic Explorations of the Postcolonial State, edited by Hansen, T.B. and Stepputat, F. Durham (N.C.): Duke University Press. (Link)
1998. BJP and the Compulsions of Politics, edited with Christophe Jaffrelot .(Link)
(2001, 2nd edition with a new Introduction and Afterword) Delhi: Oxford University Press.(Link)
This volume was also included in Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s Omnibus volume Hindu Nationalism and Indian Politics, Oxford University Press, 2004. (Link)

Special Issues of refereed journals:

2020. Co-editor (with Eric Beverley) of special issue of the Journal of Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. (vol. 40, Issue 3, December 2020, pp. 488-493) entitled “Rethinking Sovereignty, Colonial Empires, and Nation-States in South Asia and Beyond". (Link)
2015. Special Issue of the journal Identities (with Ravinder Kaur). “Aesthetics of Arrival. Spectacular Economy and Newness in Post-reform India” (PDF)
2009. Guest –editor of special issue (with Oskar Verkaaik) of Critique of Anthropology, co-authored introduction entitled “Urban Charisma. On the everyday mythologies in the city.” March 2009. (PDF)
2009. “Portable Spirits and Itinerant People. Religion and Migration in South Africa in a comparative Perspective”. Introductory essay and guest editor of African Studies, Vol. 68, no 2, August 2009. (PDF)

Selected Journal Articles (refereed):

(Forthcoming) “Expelled from public memory: Cato Manor and the segregation of history in South Africa.” History and Anthropology.
(In Press) “Sovereignty in a Minor Key” Public Culture, Vol. 33 (1) Winter 2021.
2020 “The Force of Symbolic Power” Afterword in special issue of the Journal of Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. (vol. 40, Issue 3, December 2020, pp. 488-493) entitled “Rethinking Sovereignty, Colonial Empires, and Nation-States in South Asia and Beyond". (Link)
2019 “Economies of segregation”, Contemporary South Asia, 27:2, 290-292, (Link)
Comment in a Book Forum on Ghazala Jamil’s Accumulation by Segregation (Oxford University Press 2017). (Link)
2019 ‘The state as an object of ethnographic inquiry’, Critical Themes in Indian Sociology. Edited by Sanjay Srivastava, Yasmeen Arif and Janaki Abraham. Sage Publications: New Delhi. (Link)
2018 “Civics, civility and race in post-apartheid South Africa.” Anthropological Theory Volume: 18 issue: 2-3, pages: 296-325. (Link)
2018 “Whose Public, Whose Authority? Reflections on the moral force of violence”, Modern Asian Studies. 52, 3 (2018) pp.1076–1087. (Link)
Special Issue entitled “The Politics of Order and Disturbance. Public Authority, sovereignty and Public Contestation in South Asia” Edited by Bart Klem and Bert Suykens. (Link)
2017 “On Law, Violence and Jouissance in India”, Cultural Anthropology Website, November 1, 2017. (Link)
2015. “Communalism, Democracy and Indian Capitalism’. Seminar. (New Delhi), Vol. 674, Oct. 2015. Pp. 40-44. (Link)
2015, “The Aesthetics of Arrival: spectacle, capital and novelty in post-reform India” Introduction, co-authored with Ravinder Kaur in 2015 in special Issue of Identities, 2016: vol 23, no. 3, 265-275. (PDF)
2015. Afterword “Citizenship as Horizon” in special issue of the journal Citizenship Studies, Vol 19, no. 2, 229-232. (PDF)
2014. “Migration, Religion and Post Imperial Formations.” Global Networks, vol 14(3), pp. 273-290. (PDF)
2011. “From Culture to Barbed Wire: on Houses and Walls in South Africa”, in special issue on ‘Walls’, in Texas International Law Journal, vol. 46 (Fall 2011). Pp. 345-353. (PDF)
2009. “The Political Theology of Violence in Modern India.” SAMAJ-Revue (on-line academic journal of South Asian studies edited in Paris) January, 2009. (PDF)
2009. “Urban Charisma. On the everyday mythologies in the city”,(with Oskar Verkaaik) in Critique of Anthropology, Vol 29 (1), 5-26. (PDF)
2006a. “Sovereignty Revisited’ Annual Review of Anthropology, Vol. 35, pp. 295-315. (PDF)
2006b. “Performers of Sovereignty. On the privatization of security in urban South Africa” Critique of Anthropology, August 2006. Special issue on State Violence, edited by Toby Kelly and Alpa Shah. (PDF)
2006c. “Sounds of freedom. Music, taxis and the racial imagination in post-apartheid South Africa’, in Public Culture 18 (1). (PDF)
2005a. ‘Melancholia of Freedom. Humor and Nostalgia among South African Indians.” in special issue of Journal of Modern Drama, Vol. XLVIII, No. 2, Summer 2005. (PDF)
2003. ‘Souveraene jenseits des Staates’ (in German) in Berliner Debatte Initial 14 (2003) 3. Pp. 18-28. Special issue entitled “Indien: Postkoloniale Moderne”. (PDF)
2000. ‘Predicaments of Secularism: Muslim Identities in Mumbai’, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Vol. 6, no.2. (PDF)
2000. ‘Plays and Politics: Politics and Cultural Identity among South African Indians’ Journal of Southern African Studies, Vol. 26 (2). Translated into Italian and published in the journal Afriche e Orienti, (3), 2001, 40-48. (PDF)
1997. ‘Inside the Romanticist Episteme’,. Thesis Eleven, Number 48, February 1997, (pp. 21-41) (an earlier version was published in Social Scientist, New Delhi, Autumn, 1996, and an even earlier version in Arnfred, S (ed.) (1995), Occasional Paper no. 15, IDS, Roskilde). (PDF)
1996. ‘Recuperating Masculinity: Hindu nationalism, Violence and the Exorcising of the Muslim Other’, Critique of Anthropology, Vol. 16, no. 2, (pp. 137 - 72). (PDF)
1996. "Globalization and Nationalist Imagination. Hindutva's promise of equality through difference." Economic and Political Weekly Vol. 31,pp. 603-605+607-616. (PDF)
1996. ‘The Vernacularisation of Hindutva: Shiv Sena and BJP in Rural Maharashtra’, Contributions to Indian Sociology, Vol. 30, no. 2 (pp. 177 - 214). (PDF)
1994. ‘Controlled Emancipation: Women and Hindu nationalism’, (15 p.) in European Journal of Development Research, Vol. 6. no. 2, Dec, 1994. Also printed in Wilson, Fiona and Frederiksen, B. F. (eds.) (1994): Ethnicity, Gender and the Subversion of Nationalism, London, Frank Cass. (PDF)

Selected Book Chapters:

(Forthcoming) ‘The Political Activist’ in Figures of the Political in South Asia. Edited by Nayanika Mathur and Ravinder Kaur. Delhi: Penguin
(In Press) – “Social segregation, memory and everyday Hindutva in middle India” in New Hindutva. The rise of democratic authoritarianism in India, (edited by Srirupa Roy and T.B. Hansen) Cambridge University Press
(In Press) “When the Past is Tense: a democratic history of monuments in an Indian city.” in State of Democracy in India: Life and Politics in Contemporary Times. Edited by Manas Ray. Delhi: Primus Books (June 2021)
(In Press) “A history of distributed sovereignty. Trade, migration and rule in the Indian Ocean world.” In The Global Indian Ocean and the Liberal Order. Edited by Anatol Lieven and Harry Verhoeven. London: Hurst and Co. (September 2021)
2019. “Democracy against the Law. Reflections on India’s Illiberal Democracy” in Majoritarian State. How Hindu nationalism is changing India, London: Hurst and Co. (PDF)
2019. “Introduction” by Christophe Jaffrelot, Angana Chatterji and Thomas Blom Hansen, in Majoritarian State. How Hindu nationalism is changing India, London: Hurst and Co. (Link)
2014. “On narrative authority in the global cultural economy.” In Anthropology Now and Next: Diversity, Connections, Confrontations, Reflexivity. Edited by Christina Garsten. Oxford: Berghahn Books. (Link)
2014. “Religion” in A Companion to Urban Anthropology. Edited by Don Nonini. London: John Wiley and Sons. Pp. 364-380. (PDF)
2013, "Rethinking the city. Neighbors, strangers and public life in urban India", in Modernity and Citizenship: Challenges of Building Democratic India, edited by Surinder Jodhka. Delhi: Oxford University Press. (Link)
2012. “Secular Speech, Popular passion and Public Order in modern India’, in Anders Berg Sorensen (ed.) Contesting Secularism. London: Ashgate Publishing (2013). Pp. 207-231. (PDF)
2011. “Secular Speech and Popular Passion. Antinomies of Indian Secularism” in Winnifred Sullivan, Mateo Taussig (eds.) The Law and the Secular/Sacred Divide. Stanford University Press. Pp. 261-281. (Link)
2009a. “In Search of God’s Hand. Masculinity and Religion”. In Piety and Gender. Comparative Perspectives. Edited by Lene Sjoerup and Hilda Roemer Christensen. Brill: Leiden. (Link)
2009b “Anthropologists and other interpreters in the global cultural economy” (translated to Dutch) in edited volume on the future of anthropology, entitled Antropologie in een zee van verhalen, (Anthropology in a sea of narratives) edited by Thijl Sunier. Amsterdam: Aksant
2009c “The Unwieldy Fetish. Desire and Disavowal of Indianness in South Africa” in Eyes Across the Water edited by Pamila Gupta and Isabel Hofmeyr. Pretoria: UNISA Press. (Link)
2008a. “Race, Security and Racial Anxieties in the Post-apartheid City” in Gender and Urban Space. Edited by Martina Rieker. London: Palgrave. (Link)
2008b. “Reflections on Salman Rushdie’s Bombay” , in Midnight’s Diaspora. Critical Encounters with Salman Rushdie including a response from the author. Edited by Daniel Herwitz and Ashutosh Varshney. University of Michigan Press, 2008. (Link)
2008c. “Javeedbhai” article in the volume Muslim Portraits Edited by Mukulika Banerjee. Penguin (London and Delhi). (PDF)
2006. “Where names Fall Short: Naming and Forgetting in contemporary South Africa” In Barbara Bodenhorn and Gabriela vom Bruck (eds.) The Anthropology of Naming. Cambridge University Press. (Link)
2005a. ‘Sovereigns beyond the State. On Legality and Authority in Urban India’ in Sovereign Bodies… (edited by T.B. Hansen and F. Stepputat), Princeton University Press. (PDF)
2005b. ‘Sovereigns beyond the State. On Legality and Authority in Urban India’ in Ravinder Kaur (ed.) 2005. Religion, Violence and Political Mobilization in South Asia. New Delhi: Sage Publications. (PDF)
2005c. “Between Autochthony and Diaspora. Indians in the ‘New’ South Africa”. In Dislocating Nation States. Edited by Akio Tanabe et al. Kyoto University Press/ Trans Pacific Press (Melbourne). (Link)
2005d. ‘In Search of the Diasporic Self: Bollywood in South Africa.’ in Bollyworld, edited by Raminder Kaur and Ajay Sinha. London, Sage Publications. (Link)
2003. ‘Politics as Permanent Performance: on the production of authority in the locality’, in De-centering the Nation: Politics and Cultural Mobilisation in Contemporary India, edited by Andrew Wyatt and John Zavos, Sage Publications. (PDF)
2002. ‘After the Excess: race, racism and reconciliation in contemporary South Africa’ in Discrimination and Toleration, edited by K. Hastrup and G. Ullrich, Amsterdam, Kluwer Press. (PDF)
2001. ‘Governance and State Mythologies in Mumbai’ in States of Imagination. Ethnographic Explorations of the Postcolonial State. Durham: Duke University Press. (Link)
2000. ‘Governance and Myths of State in Mumbai’ in The Everyday State in India. Edited by Veronique Benei and C.J. Fuller. Delhi, Social Science Press. (PDF)
2000. ‘Bridging the Gulf: Migration and Modernity among Muslims in Mumbai’ in Crispin Bates (ed.) Empire, Migration, Community, London, Macmillan. (PDF)


Aurangabad, India, July-August 2012 and Sept. 2017 – April 2018
Durban in August –September 2011.
Durban and Johannesburg for four months in 2007.
Durban for twelve months in 2001-2
Townships in Durban for twelve months, 1998-99
Mumbai for nine months 1996-97
Mumbai and Pune 1992-1993
Pune and Aurangabad 1990-1991

COURSE TEACHING: (since 2000)

Stanford University (2010 onwards)

Bing Overseas Seminar in India, “Minority as a Cultural Form”(2012, 2013)
Bing Overseas Seminar in India. “Mega city. The many lives of Delhi”(2018)
Undergraduate Course “Urban Culture in a Global Perspective”
Undergraduate course “South Asia: History, people, Politics”
Proposal writing for 2nd year graduate students in anthropology,.
Graduate course: “Theory of the Modern Subject 1: Reason, individuality and colonial culture”.
Graduate course: “Theory of the Modern Subject 2: Beyond the Bourgeois Self. Desire, ethics and the limits of the human.
Graduate Course “Sacrifice, Ethics and Modern Convictions”
Graduate course; The Universal and the Vernacular. The Global life of concepts and social forms
Undergraduate course. “Urban Life and Cultural Imagination in South Asia”.

Columbia University (2009-2010)

Undergraduate Course: “Urban Life and Cultural Imagination in South Asia”.

University of Amsterdam (2006-2009)

Undergraduate course “Culture and Power. The anthropology of the political”
Undergraduate Course “Urban Anthropology” Fall 2007,
Research Master thesis seminar, International School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam “Interpretive Methods
Workshop” Research Master course, Amsterdam School for the Social Sciences,
Graduate course “Globalization and the circulation of cultural forms” at Amsterdam School of Social Science Research

Yale University (2004-2006)

Undergraduate course “Ethnic Violence in a Global Perspective”,
Undergraduate course “Culture and Power. The anthropology of the political”
“The Anthropology of South Asia”, Graduate course, Department of Anthropology,
“Seminar in Socio-cultural Anthropology: From the margins of empire to the margins of the university. The emergence of anthropology as a field of knowledge”

University of Edinburgh (2000-2004)

Undergraduate course “The Anthropology of South Asia”,v Undergraduate course, “Consumption and Exchange”,
Undergraduate lecture course, “Social Enquiry”.
Undergraduate course on ethnographic fieldwork and questions of epistemology in anthropology
Graduate course, “Qualitative Methods and Ethnographic Fieldwork” course at the Graduate School of Social and Political Studies,
Graduate course “Theory and History of Anthropology”, Spring 2004

Completed PhDs. (main supervisor)

Anthony Medina (youth, masculinity and street culture in Cuba), Stanford University, February 2020
Marten Boekelo (public space and religious identity in Beirut) University of Amsterdam (awarded PhD in March 2016)
Anick Volleberg (urban space and ethnicity in Antwerp) University of Amsterdam. Phd in March 2016.
Ajay Gandhi “Taming the Residual. Workers, Animals and Others in Old Delhi”. Anthropology, Yale University (Nov. 2010)
Durba Chatteraj “Roadscapes: Everyday Life of roads in India”. Anthropology, Yale University (awarded PhD in November 2010)
Nazima Kadir “ The Autonomous Life? Paradoxes of Hierarchy, Authority and Urban Identity in the Amsterdam Squatters Movement”, Anthropology, Yale University (awarded PhD in November 2010)
Annie Harper “ Modernity and urban space in Islamabad”, Anthropology, Yale University (awarded PhD in April 2010 )
Devika Bordia, “The Ethics and politics of Governance in the “tribal” regions of Western India”, Yale University, (November 2009)
Martijn Koster. “In fear of Abandonment: Slum politics in Brazil” University of Amsterdam, Wageningen University (March 2009)
Olga Sooudi, “Travel and self making among Japanese in New York.”. Yale University (awarded PhD in November 2008)
Johan Fischer, (IDS), Roskilde University. ‘Consumption, Islam and the family in contemporary Malaysia’ (September 2005).
Ravinder Kaur, (IDS) Roskilde University. ‘Narratives of Resettlement. Punjabi Hindus in Delhi after 1947’ (December 2004)
Soeren W. Nielsen, IDS Roskilde University. ‘Reintegration of Ex-fighters in Eritrea’ (awarded PhD in June 2003)
Simon Turner, IDS Roskilde University: ‘Being like a Victim: Burundian refugees in Tanzania.’ (awarded PhD in June 2002)
Steffen Jensen, IDS, Roskilde University, ‘Young men, violence and identity in the Cape Flats, Cape Town’ (March 2002)
Maribel Blasco, IDS, Roskilde University. ‘Schooling, youth and identity in Guadalajara, Mexico’ ( awarded PhD in June 2001)

Completed PhDs (committee member)

Nethra Samarawickrema (gem mining, trust and trade across the Indian Ocean), defended July 2020
Dilshanie Perera (climate change, weather and agrarian economies in Bangladesh), defended July 2020
Tomonori Sugimoto (indigeneity and urban life in Taipei) (Defended May 2019)
Vivek Narayanan. Theatre and Performance Studies, Stanford (caste and performance in Kerala – defended April 2019)
Johanna Markkula (work and culture on commercial cargo ships) (Fall 2018)
Elandre Dedrick (urban renewal in Marseilles) (Winter 2019.)
Vivian Lu (traders and transnational economies in Nigeria) (August 2018)
Eda Pepi (Marriage and kinship formations between Palestinians and Jordanian citizens) (May 2017)
Yasemin Ipek Can (youth culture in Beirut) (Spring 2017)
Amrapali Maitra (Domestic violence in Kolkata) (Spring 2017)
Firat Bozcali, Anthropology Stanford University (Illicit economies in the Kurdish borderlands) (Fall 2017)
Alexa Hagerty, Anthropology Stanford University (A Genealogy of Mortals. Rituals and humanitarian exhumations) (Winter 2017)
Aisha Ghani, Anthropology, Stanford University (Muslim communities and terror trials in the US), Nov. 2015
Sebastian Calderon, Stanford University, (Baroque States: Television and Theatricality in contemporary L. America). Completed PhD in June 2014
Abhinav Chandrachud, Stanford Law School (A history of the Bombay High Court during the British Raj (1862-1947), awarded PhD in April 2014.
Dolly Kikon, Stanford University (Disputed territories in India’s northeast) – Awarded PhD in June 2013.
Maura Finkelstein, Stanford University (Mill workers and urban transformation in Mumbai) – awarded PhD in July 2012
Austin Zeidermann, Stanford University (Security and governance of the urban margins in Bogota) – awarded PhD in July 2012
Nikhil Anand, Stanford University (water, connectivity and slum politics in Mumbai) Awarded PhD in Fall 2011.
Jill Alpes (migration culture in Cameroon) University of Amsterdam, Awarded PhD in Fall 2011.
Pauline Nolan, Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh, ‘Negotiating Justice. Legal practices, NGOs and the Discourse of Human Rights in South Africa’ (awarded PhD in April 2007)
Ahmed Afzal, Anthropology, Yale University, ‘The Pakistani diaspora in Houston, Texas’, (awarded PhD in April 2005)
Anne Jepson, Social Anthropology, Edinburgh, ‘Gardening and Identity in Cyprus’ (awarded PhD in December 2003).
Norbert Wildermuth, Film and Media studies, University of Copenhagen.’ India’s TV revolution in the 1990s’ (awarded PhD in Sept. 2002)


Chair, Department of Anthropology, Stanford University, from Summer 2018 - Present

Chair of Global Academic Advisory Board at Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan (a premier private liberal arts university in Pakistan). 2017 - Present

Member of the advisory board for the Institutional Development project for Anthropology at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Chile’s premier private university). The project is supported by the WennerGren Foundation for Anthropological Research.

Member of the External Review Board, assessing the Department of Anthropology, London School of Economics and Political Science, March 2017

2014 - Present, editor of the book series “South Asia in Motion”, Stanford University Press

January 2012 to Summer 2017, member of the Editorial Board of Stanford University Press

Member of International Evaluation Committee of Nordic Institute for Asian Studies, Copenhagen, Spring 2015.

Chair of the External Review Committee, reviewing the Department of Anthropology at Cornell University Oct. 2013

Chair of the Graduate Committee in the Department of Anthropology, Stanford University, 2013-15

Chair of the Curriculum Committee in the Department of Anthropology, Stanford University 2012-13

Member of professorial appointment committee, Faculty of Social Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 2011-12

External reviewer of Faculty Fellowships for 2011/12, the Humanities Institute, University of Michigan

Member of the Center for Urban Studies, Stanford University, 2011 - Present

Member of the Center for Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity, Stanford University, 2010 – Present

August 2010, founding Director of the Center for South Asian Studies, Stanford University

January 2010 – December 2010. Member of international panel evaluating anthropological training and research in Norway.

2008 – Present: External Examiner, Asian Studies, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

2008 – Present: External Expert, (promotions and appointments) London School of Economics and Political Science.

2008 – Present: External expert (promotions and appointments) Department of Asian and South Asian Studies and Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen.

2010 – Present: External expert (promotions and appointments) Department of Anthropology, Stockholm University.

2008 - 2009 Dean of the International School of Humanities and Social Sciences and Director of the Graduate School of Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam